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Since its creation in 1976, Lafarigoule has been an address in the historic city of Menton for perfumes, gifts and handicrafts, and for many years it has acquired a vast experience in this field and gained the trust of its French customers and tourists from all over the world. based on the French heritage and excellence in the manufacture of perfumes and aromatic products. Today, the same name and address preserve the French originality and heritage, and the experience of almost half a century of dealing with customers, knowing their needs precisely and offering a variety of products at competitive prices. We strive to understand the new needs and global trends in the world of fragrances and gifts, in which a large proportion of people, especially women, have turned to organic products, with their mission, commitment and responsibility to preserve nature, the mother of all humans, and protect it for the future. The responsibility has become great, because the commitment to healthy beauty is associated with products free of chemical compounds, a necessity for the health of man and nature. This is why we at Lafarigoule have chosen to come back to our customers after a development and renewal that lasted about a year and a search for products that balance beauty, sensation, spirit and nature. However, we renew our commitment to serve our customers as we have done for over four decades to make a visit to our store in the city of Menton a unique experience that offers many choices and options of beauty products, Gifts that have been selected with great care and love. We also offer a new communication experience to keep pace with everyone’s needs, as it is now possible to join us and experience via our online store and via social media platforms, from which we will enhance communication and interaction with our customers everywhere.

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